Specification: <br>100% Brand new, never used, precision grinding <br>Product Type: 2 flutes straight grooves cone metal engraving bit <br>Material: solid carbide <br>Shank Diameter: 3.175mm(0.125 inch) <br>Tip Diameter: 0.3mm(0.004 inch <br>Total Length: 38mm(1.496 inches) <br>Cutting Angle: 45 degree <br>Application: <br>1. It is mainly used for the engraving and marking of stainless steel, aluminum, brass, medium density fiberboard, wood panels, plastic and many other soft gummy materials. <br>2. Use for rotary engraving with spring loaded engraving tools, CNC milling machines, collets, end mill holders and top loading engraving machines etc..

Product Features

  • An exceptionally durable tool bit for lasting longer than other engraving tools when engraving metal
  • Designed with a sharper cutting edge that provides a cleaner cut when cutting aluminum and brass
  • Unique V design maximizes the tip strength by removing the minimum amount of material from the end
  • Produced from an Ultra-Fine, Submicron, Nano Grade Solid Carbide for maximum tool performance
  • High precision grinding and great concentricity for reducing chance of burr and deviation

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