Now, filing the ends of wire is a as simple as pressing a button! Use with the Battery Operated Reamer (Purchased Separately) to quickly and easily round the ends of wire-wrapping wires like Silver-Filled and German Style Wires as well as Artistic Wire. The Wire Rounder's can also be used with fine metal wires. Use the Wire Rounder's to file handmade ear wires and finish the ends of wire wrapped designs for ultra-smooth finish with no sharp edges. The smallest tip will round wires of 20 gauges and smaller; the medium to works with the 16 and 18 gauge wires of 20 gauge and smaller; the medium tip works with 16 and 18 gauge wire; and the largest tip smooth's 12 and 14 gauges wires.

Product Features

  • Makes the ends of wire rounded very quickly and easily
  • This also works with any fine metal wires
  • Available in three sizes

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Our Score: 25

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